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Why Hasn’t There Been An #iPhoneSlow Or BatteryGate With Android Phones?

It’s simple… It’s because they didn’t ship with defective batteries… So, no random shutdowns.

If Apple BatteryGate is a thing and, contrary to the misinformation spread by most oReddit icon - iHateAppleFanboys.comf the media (iMedia) and fake Xperts, almost only #iPhoneSlow are affected, there’s a reason.

And you’ll find the anecdotal statistical evidence of this on Reddit:

[Discussion] Which Android device aged poorly throughout its lifecycle of 2 years? from Android

An entire Reddit thread with 525 comments (12/29) on how poorly can Android phones age… and the word “shutdowns” is mentioned (Ctrl + F and then search “shutdowns”) only four times if you count the hidden comments, twice otherwise (included one time in the singular but for an iPhone).

And it’s related to a couple of complaints about one of the least reliable Android phone in history… the Nexus 6P! And Google/Huawei didn’t slow the Nexus 6P having this problem down to hide it.

(Random) shutdowns are mentioned for NO other phone..! And that’s a thread on the worst experience redditors over at r/Android had with their phones! Yet, no phone shutting down because of aging batteries.

So, among hundreds of flagships consumers have had over the years, only ONE phone did what should have been the norm… randomly shutting down because of its battery.

Some phones have problems and sure didn’t age well… but they just don’t shut down. How can they be so stubborn and defy (the) Reality (distortion field) like that?


How’s that for random shutdowns being completely normal when a li-ion battery wears out?


What? How is this possible? I thought very trustworthy and truthful people at Apple, some experts and most of the media (I don’t count Apple fanboys, obviously, since their word for anything Apple, or anything tech related in fact, is worthless. Though I could say about the same for Apple…) told us EVERY lithium-ion batteries and thus, devices running them, did experience random shutdowns as their battery was getting older… #BatteryGate #iPhoneSlow #iPhoneSlowDown