Throttle Gate: Apple is Slowing Down iPhones To Hide Defective Batteries? It’s A Feature.

 Apple is throttling iPhones to hide their defective batteries and prevent them from shutting down and calls it a feature. #ThrottleGate So…

 Apple Fanboys & Pro-Apple Biased Media (iMedia), Please STOP Lying And Taking Us For Fools


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iPhone 6 Full Throttle Case – — This is NOT an affiliate link. Simply a proper attribution of this picture that I found funny, considering.

This #Throttle Gate and the slowing down of iPhones is bad enough… don’t add insult to injury.

Defective, definition Myriam Webster:

a : imperfect in form or function : faulty – replaced a defective light switch

Throttle Gate - iPhone -7 - swollen defective - lithium-ion - Battery

iPhone 7 swollen defective lithium-ion battery

b : falling below the norm in structure […]
If something is defective, there is something wrong with it and it does not work properly.


Honestly, I didn’t want to speak about this i-Throttle Gate… yet, since there’s A LOT to talk about and I will explain it all, thoroughly, and present the case it’s due to the #ShutDown Gate in the upcoming Vol. 3 of Apple, The Forbidden Truth.

But at this point, all the (straight up or by omission) lies and disinformation propagated by Apple Fanboys, the “iMedia” and shills (yes, they are on threads and social media in force) are pissing me off. So, I really want to share with you some of what’s going on before their narrative is believed by too many people.

And yes, I’m gonna take another iVerge “article” as a starting point for our discussion… But this time I won’t rip it apart… too much.

Their last article on the subject is written By and is titled (and subtitled):

Was it really necessary for Apple to slow down old iPhones?

Apple checked the iPhone speed so the battery wouldn’t wreck itself

No, that’s not what Apple did.. exactly. It throttles down iPhones to stop or prevent them from randomly crashing or shutting down and hide the fact they have defective, or subpar or cheap (or are not enough powerful to handle the A9-10-11 chip — Apple’s cpu) etc… batteries. That would be a lot more accurate.


Apple Got Caught Red Handed While Throttling iPhones CPU chip…


First, YES, the lithium-ion batteries we have in our phones, like ALL batteries, degrade with time and use… What a revelation that is… But this is NOT the issue with this i-Throttle Gate. Let me explain why.


The problem is, and talking about it is carefully avoided (lie by omission?) by The Verge and by plenty of the iMedia club members, many of the iPHONES batteries don’t even last more than a year. Apple itself thinks it’s necessary to throttle the cpu down to avoid shutdowns and crashes.

iPHONES batteries NOT ALL batteries. That’s the whole point of this iThrottle Gate. And the real reason Apple tried to hide this.

Otherwise, hiding this would make no sense… Above all when iOS devices already have a “Low Power Mode” feature that allows users to save battery life (slowing down the phone a bit is also part of the ways to do so) AND, since iOS 10.2.1 [the same iOS update Apple decided to implement this secret throttling yet “benevolent” feature… you know, must be a coincidence but it was just after the ShutDown Gate which affected iPhone 6 and 6S (Plus) and made some noise because it was concerning at least THOUSANDS of users.] a notification that appears in iOS Settings when iPhone batteries are dubbed too old by Apple (basically when they’re well under 80% of capacity or exhibit signs — like erratic power/voltage peaks —  they’re about to experience these shutdowns) and it wants you to change them.

The proof that not only older iPhones 6 and 6S (CPU chips) are throttled by Apple (via iOS software tricks), but barely one year old batteries are affected too is that Apple’s already started to slow down a good chunk of iPhones 7 with iOS 11.2.

It has been first proven by GeekBench:

Apple Throttling iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2.0 - GeekBench - iHateAppleFanboys.comThis is a graph showing the results iPhones 7 get at the GeekBench Performance Test. You can clearly see that many iPhones 7 score a lot lower than they should. Many iPhones 7 are indeed throttled. That’s proof number 1.

And then, an Apple spokeperson admitted it in a statement to TechCrunch:

“Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices. Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, have a low battery charge or as they age over time, which can result in the device unexpectedly shutting down to protect its electronic components.

Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. We’ve now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2, and plan to add support for other products in the future.

And that’s proof n°2. So, I think that’s a wrap, right? I mean, what more proof do you need, seriously?!

So, that’s a FACT. iPHONES batteries can have degraded so much in just one year that Apple decides to slow the CPU down (and it’s not the only thing it does… You’ll learn about a lot more “features” like this in my book. Because this article is already very long) to prevent iPhones from shutting down.

But that won’t stop iFanboys and the pro-Apple biased iMedia from trying and sweeping this under the rug as if it was not only expected and perfectly normal… But a GOOD “feature” Apple implemented!

Reality Distortion Field, Apple Kool Aid… these words are not barely strong enough to even begin to describe what’s going on here.


So, there’s something else we’ve learned from Apple PR statement… And this is even more MIND BLOWING…

… It’s A “Feature“! And It’s Here To Stay… And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It!


feature”, “support”… Incredible how they can **** on their customers’ face and try to call it rain…

Now that Apple has been caught red-handed, it tries to create the narrative that’s all because of its deep concern and care for its customers, their phone battery life and performance. Apple just wants to help. And it’ll keep on doing so… Even if their users don’t want it. That’s how much they want to help. My heroes…

And there are some people actually believing that?

I mean beside the paid shills or craziest and completely lost to logic Apple fanboys out there. Even long time Apple fans have difficulties buying this and understand they’re being taken for fools (very interesting Reddit thread, you should check it out).

The claim that the battery degradation displayed by the phones Apple sells — not any phone, not any battery (degradation) in general, but the actual ones in the iPHONES — and the random shutdowns they would experience if Apple didn’t slow them down, is “normal” and “expected” is clearly FALSE.

That’s a lie, nothing less. A lie all these Apple representatives who call themselves experts, bloggers or journalists keep on repeating in the name of… Apple. No, not the truth, just… Apple (profits).


Not sure?

Be honest. Try and find 5 (chances are you won’t even find one, but humor me and yourself) devices (not even only phones) running on lithium-ion batteries you own(ed) that randomly started to shutdown in the first 2 (even 3 or 4, if you want) years because of battery problems.

What? None? One? I thought this was happening ALL THE TIME TO ALL DEVICES?

See… How can people actually buy this lie when… they’re constantly dealing with devices running on lithium-ion batteries and have had plenty of them. They should just KNOW for a fact, it’s a lie. (Double) Facepalm!


… THIS IS THE MAIN ISSUE (to LIE and pretend it’s normal battery behavior).

Another proof?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is claimed to retain 95% (NoteBook Check) of its battery life for TWO years!

How’s that for “expected behavior for ALL lithium-ion batteries”, huh?


Sanjiv Sathiah for Notebook Check:

Samsung has made a huge stride in the battery technology behind its smartphones released this year, but has made little mention of it anywhere until now. According to its mobile chief, the new Note 8 will retain an impressive 95 percent of its capacity after two years.


So, I repeat, lithium ion batteries are not expected to see their battery capacity plunge quickly after a just a year of usage and shutdowns ARE NOT a well-known, accepted behavior from all worn out lithium battery. Even less so after only a year of use. It’s completely false.

The battery should just lose CAPACITY, that’s it. Your phone will give 5 hours of SOT (Screen On Time) instead of 6 maybe. But it won’t shutdown randomly because the voltage it delivers won’t have significantly decreased… This simply doesn’t happen for the vast majority of them because, contrary to their capacity, their PERFORMANCE stays about the same.


But now, because it happens to iPhones batteries, we should all believe and accept against our OWN experience, this happens all the time to all devices??

… I’m speechless.


And, after they’ve established the narrative that it’s a normal issue which ALL lithium-ion batteries exhibit, then they can pretend Apple does nothing bad.

Sly and sneaky, huh?

And then, they try to make everyone think it’s only a communication problem.

The problem is not hardware or software, guys. It’s not that Apple iPhones have bad batteries or that the claimed to be so fast iPhone –and its A Series chip– (… not — see below the PhoneBuff YouTube video) is slowed down to a crawl… The problem is only communication. Apple should have just been more upfront about the fact it was HELPING people preserve their battery life and prevent their phone to randomly shut down… Because of the poor batteries Apple put in them.

How the OnePlus 5T is already way faster than iPhone X… How much more will some iPhone X lag in just one year?



This whole matter is insane… So many shills in these threads.

On one hand, I hope they are shills, otherwise we’re dealing with severely mentally impaired or totally clueless people here. On the other, it would mean it’s getting almost impossible to get threads going between us normal humans. Between the bots and the astroturfers, it’s starting to really get out of hand… And when you add masochistic, submissive, hypocritical, lying, apologetic Apple fanboys in the mix, it’s just unmanageable.


Coming back to The Verge, they don’t clearly answer the question they ask in their title… They bury the true answer in a sea of irrelevant info… But we can consider it’s there… barely. But it’s not The Verge saying it, it’s Gerbrand Ceder, a professor of materials science at UC Berkeley:iPhone battery degrading defective cheap throttle

“The amount that batteries degrade over time and in cold weather is quite predictable and can be tested ahead early”

Which means Apple absolutely KNEW, if they did basic testing (but maybe they didn’t even do that… Nah… too hard to believe, so my point stands) a substantial number of the batteries they put in their phones were going to decay in about a year.

So, no it absolutely did not need to slow down people phones [and dim their screen brightness, and cut their battery life by 30 or 40% with more software tricks etc…

Yes, in my opinion based on my research, Apple did more  than throttle CPUs — Honestly, I wasn’t made aware of this throttling until about two weeks ago — to hide the poor quality of the batteries it puts in its phones. But, contrary to the throttling of cpus, it’s a lot more difficult to prove. One can provide multiple testimonies in the way of entire threads on Reddit, Apple forums, Apple dedicated blogs etc… of people complaining about problems and, then provide an explanation for apparently random and unrelated “bugs” or issues. But it’s hypotheses.

I explain it all thoroughly in Apple, The Forbidden Truth Vol. 3 which will be available soon on Amazon. And you’ll be able to judge by yourself and make your own opinion with all the evidence presented. You can already pick up Vol. 1 and 2 that I just published yesterday, though.. They are completely up to date on many other topics. Ok, I’m done with the self-promotion. 😉 ].

What it needed to do was to put freaking industry standard/normally performing batteries in their fraking phones!

Or, alternatively, because mishaps and errors can happen, own it and organize a recall. But as they say this throttling is a “feature” that is here to stay, it means, they will keep on putting these defective, cheap or subpar batteries in their iPhones. Incredible.


Coming back again to The Verge’s article, thank God, this Gerbrand Ceder is speaking out. Another thing he says is that having over-performing batteries in the first few weeks is:

highly desirable from a commercial perspective as this is when critics review the phones, and when users calibrate their experience but this clearly came with intolerable performance decay.

He seems to think that’s what’s happening here and the reason why Apple batteries are shutting down and become defective so soon.


I won’t waste my time or yours with this sentence from the article:

“To prevent such shutdowns, Apple’s fix is basically to lower the amount of water being pushed through the clogged pipes, to avoid slowing the entire process down.”

So, according to The Verge, Apple dramatically slows down iPhones (fact) to… avoid slowing down iPhones (Reality Distortion Field).



And last, as possible solutions, the author lists “overengineered” batteries… (LOL… That’s what normal, functional and lasting at least two years batteries are called now… “overengineered”. Incredible.) or bigger batteries… But that would make phones iPhones bigger and few people want that The Verge says… Or that Apple could make it easier to change the battery.

BUT “simply put functional batteries that live up to the standard of the industry” is not mentioned. Of course…

Again the problem is not lithium-ion batteries, as a slew of media outlets, including The Verge try to make us believe. the problem is APPLE’S iPhones lithium-ion batteries. Big difference.



I think this is long enough. Though, it could have been a lot longer.

I could have (and I will… just not here, because it needs a lot of explanation, sources, evidence and analysis.. and it’s just too much for a blog — article) spoken (more) about:

  • The ShutDown Gates and how this iThrottle Gate is a direct consequence of it.
  • How the throttling is NOT, by far, the only “feature” Apple implemented to hide what could be considered defective batteries.
  • That, when a user’s iPhone has clearly been slowed down by Apple, Apple can still declare that the phone (battery) doesn’t have any issue since its “diagnostic” (simple battery capacity test) made in Apple stores doesn’t report any and thus, declare the battery perfectly fine… and, therefore, won’t accept changing it… Then why slowing down the phone, if the battery/everything is fine??
  • Won’t let some users change it EVEN if they accept the cost of it! WOW.
  • Which brings us to… Planned obsolescence and how Apple, by keeping this a secret, also incited users to upgrade their phone instead of simply changing the battery. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
  • All the problems with iOS updates and how they are FORCED by multiple tactics upon users… So good luck avoiding this “feature”…


I could have cited plenty of users testimonies (you can read them in the threads on Reddit or Apple centric forums and blogs comment sections. I encourage you to do so, you’ll learn a lot. there are some pretty smart and eloquent people commenting in them, not letting the shills and Apple fanboys setting a false narrative) saying how they’re experiencing or have experienced all these issues.

I could’ve given more evidence as to why shutdowns caused by low battery voltage (or peaks) don’t usually and shouldn’t occur in the first two years of a device lifespan.

And plenty more problems that I will dissect and present… (you know where by now… LOL…)

This is a real mess, and some in-depth analysis is required to sort it all out and explain the extent of what could be all the “features“, tricks and sneaky stuff Apple did to hide how it put and is still putting subpar batteries in its iPhones.


See you “soon” (I’m busy with writing the 3rd Volume… and Christmas.. And everything)… But I try and post articles sometimes… And most of the time they are quite wordy… like this one, though usually a little less. But this whole ordeal and the behavior of fanboys, shills and the pro-Apple biased iMedia pisses me off.


By the way… Enjoy these holidays!

Here’s my little virtual gift for you. Hope you’ll have a fun moment. Merry Christmas!

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