The Verge: “The iPhone X Is The Best Phone Ever Made.” And You MUST Buy It.

We’re not Apple fanboys… At all.


According to the Apple fanboys at The Verge in their “the best phone you can buy right now” post (from Dan Seifert again, you know the guy with the Surface Laptop as a daily driver), the iPhone X is “the absolute best phone” and “easily the best smartphone ever made

“easily”… ROFL

All this rolling… I’m getting nauseous though… 🤢 This Apple fanboys’ bias is pretty annoying in fact.

And, of course, the next phones listed in this “best phone you can buy” list are the iPhones 8… Not even the Samsung S8 or Note 8. No, the S8 is only fourth whereas it has a better score. Ridiculous.

The S8 and Note 8 should be first with at least one more point than the iPhone X. Feature and customization-wise, they can do so much more.

Plus, iOS (even more so iOS 11 since it’s full of bugs and drains the battery life of plenty of phones) is outdated and limited.

Also, the iPhone X lacks a fingerprint scanner (replaced by a slower and maybe less secure FaceID) and a headphone jack (replaced by… courage).

Plus, it’s slow and has poor RAM management… Proof here with a EverythingApplePro video:

Plus, the S8 and Note 8 are so much better looking devices that pretending the iPhone X and its notch are in the same league is just preposterous. But the majority of reviewers, experts and all iFans do it… So, almost everyone believes it and takes this absurd equivalence as a fact.

Almost all Android flagships are miles ahead of the iPhones 8… even of the iPhone X because of the drag that iOS is… And all its limitations.


No cons for the iPhones


From the iPhone X to the Galaxy S8 (and S8+), the pros and cons of their respective reviews are not listed. I wonder why… Hint: It’s not to benefit Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

It means that no iPhone is presented with cons.

No. It’s absolutely not a coincidence. The S8 is only there to make you believe that it’s not the goal… And it’s a phone that is pretty much un-knockable at this point anyway. So, no need to waste too much effort trying to do so (though they keep on trying a bit in its review)… They would completely lose the little credibility they have left…

They just absolutely need a non-Apple device with no pros and cons either to don’t make it too obvious. So, Galaxy S8 it is.


If the Note 8 is “enormous”, is the iPhone 8 Plus Giga-normous?


The Note 8 (and whereas it has a better score than the Pixels 2) is 7th. And look at the cons of the Note 8. Especially the “it’s enormous”.

Now read these dimensions and weight:

Size comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8 – AndroitPIT Picture

iPhone 8 Plus: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm (6.24 x 3.07 x 0.30 in) – 202 g (7.13 oz)

Note 8: 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm (6.40 x 2.94 x 0.34 in) – 195 g (6.88 oz)

See where I’m getting at?

If the Note 8, with these dimensions and its 6.3-inch display, is “enormous”, then what is the iPhone 8 Plus which has almost the same size (shorter but larger) yet has a way smaller 5.5-inch screen?? Giganormous? Godzilla-normous? Seriously… SMH

Also, you won’t see comments allowed on this “best phone you can buy” page, that’s for sure…

Moderators would have too much work deleting all the negative posts. They would have to ban too many users pissed at The Verge for this outrageous demonstration of pure bias.


The i-Verge pro-Apple bias is undeniable.

So, iVerge has done it again… And that’s gonna be the same for laptops (and smartwatches). In fact, the stage has pretty much already been set with all their (attempt at) negative reviews of anything that hasn’t an Apple logo on the back. Only the Spectre 360 (8.9) and Surface Laptop (8.8) managed to score better than the MacBook pro (8.6)… [Which is already too much to bear… And 2 laptops too many in Apple’s MacBook way. So, you understand the absolute need to give low score to recently reviewed laptops.]

Yet, the Spectre is only ranked 3rd. Only the Surface laptop is allowed to sit at the top of the list… They must show some deference and just allow the other big American players (Google and Microsoft) to be treated (almost) fairly sometimes, I guess.

But, even more so than for the iPhone(s) competitors, they had to knock down other brands’ laptops really hard and find negatives/cons for them… because MacBook (Pros) are pretty bad this year.

Also, in their reviews, the Pixels have the lack of headphone jack as a con but not the iPhones 8… Though the iPhones have an “iOS 11 is great” as a pro… Seriously?? The worst OS upgrade in years, maybe only matched by iOS 8… “great”?? And when’s the last time you saw Android Nougat or Oreo is great in all Android phones reviews?

And wireless charging also listed as a positive… Again, when’s the last time you saw wireless charging mentioned as a pro in an Android phone review?

And “fast new processor”? Seriously?? Like processor are not faster and “new” every year?

Shameful. After ALL that we’ve seen in my book and even in the posts here, on this blog, don’t tell me there’s no iMedia and iVerge is not one of the  biggest blogs supposedly fair and balanced but isn’t… at all.

Eyes Wide Open

And again, once you accept that The Verge and most of the media is pro-Apple biased (hence the iMedia moniker), you’ll notice stuff you didn’t before. The way they phrase their sentences, the adjectives used, the comparisons or the lack thereof, the pros and cons in reviews, the overall tone, the time and effort spent on Apple article/reviews vs. the others etc… etc…

Your eyes will be wide open.