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The Best Question Yet About Apple BatteryGate AKA ThrottleGate

How a simple question can completely destroy Apple, Apple fanboys and the iMedia’s narrative about the Battery Gate (or Throttle Gate) and why Apple slows down iPhones.

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This is gonna be a really short post. Sometimes, you don’t need much to say it all:

NioPio (on Reddit)

I was at the store, 3h of battery life, throttled to 1200mhz and no free replacement because battery health is 85% and therefore good. If the battery is so good, why do you throttle my phone and why can i only use it for 3 hours?


It’s exactly what I asked in my long blog post explaining in detail this battery gate:

[…] when a user’s iPhone has clearly been slowed down by Apple, Apple can still declare that the phone (battery) doesn’t have any issue since its “diagnostic” (simple battery capacity test) made in Apple stores doesn’t report any and thus, declare the battery perfectly fine… and, therefore, won’t accept changing it… Then why slowing down the phone, if the battery/everything is fine??

And why I’m pissed at Apple fanboys anf the iMedia defending and excusing all this.

By the way, this is proof that either Apple’s battery capacity test is bunk or that shutdowns are independant of battery wear (and here goes ALL Apple, fanboys and iMedia narrative about iPhones shutdowns being normal and affecting only older, worn out batteries… down the drain) … since at 85% capacity, the battery’s far from worn out.

More? The fact that he has 3 hours of battery life despite a 85% battery capacity could also be explained by other tricks (throttling the cpu doesn’t seem to be enough in some  –many?– cases) Apple put in place to prevent random iPhone shutdowns and to hide they were (or would be without these measures) occuring because of defective batteries.

More about this in the upcoming Vol.3 of Apple, The Forbidden Truth