Welcome to iHateAppleFanboys.com, the blog where we’re hating on Apple fanboys… With style.


In here, you’ll find my book(s), of course, but not only.I Hate Apple Fanboys . com written in a warm orange/red with neons on the top of a building

  • First and foremost, you’ll find a blog that can’t stand the injustice that is the way Apple is undeservedly well treated by the (therefore biased) media.


  • That’s why, and that’s the second thing you’ll find here, I’ll regularly take apart articles or reviews written by this biased iMedia… Even comments made by obvious fanboys or chills/astroturfers (people passing themselves as normal customers or fans but being paid by companies to influence the narrative, write positive stuff about said company or derail threads to bury valid points made in the thread or the related article against the company they are paid by)


I’ll demonstrate how they try and manipulate us into believing Apple sells superior products.

I’ll expose the psychological or marketing tricks they use for doing so and give my non-“Apple biased”, I hope objective, opinion on the reality of the topic(s) developed by the article.


  • You’ll also find relatively short blog posts on essentially (but not exclusively) tech news, info and events written “iHAF’s style”… Meaning, with my take on them.


  • And, sometimes, you’ll find longer articles on specific topics that I’ll choose to develop and dive deeper in.


What you won’t find though, and contrary to what the name of this blog may suggest, is hate and gratuitous insults.

That’s where the “with style” part is important.

I‘ll rarely use foul language (sorry when/if I do sometimes though J). The frustration or irritation I could feel because of the guy/girl writing the biased article or the website publishing it won’t make me go over the top in my posts.

As demonstrated in my book, we don’t need insults to make our points and get them across. And they can still be implacable.

The tone in this blog will be a bit different than in The ANTI-Apple Fanboys Handbook though… More relaxed, fun and familiar. This is my place to vent and connect directly with you. So, I’ll be even more direct in my way of writing.

Thus, I will rant from time to time, as well… Maybe a lot… LOL


But you’ll have to wait a bit and be patient to find all this and be able to read all this here.

I just finished writing a 400 page book (with no picture to take up some space) full of arguments… more than enough to sustain you for a while and prove all those fanboys and the media how wrong they are… And debunk all the BS they say.

So, excuse me if it seems a bit empty in here… for now. It will fill up though, don’t worry. There’s always plenty to say and plenty of news or articles to comment on.

That’s it for the presentation of this blog, I hope you’ll enjoy your visits as you did (or will do) reading The ANTI-Apple Fanboys Handbook.

And, obviously, you’re welcome in here anytime you like…



Noah Pelfan