Apple, The Forbidden Truth

The Shocking Reality Hidden By Apple Fanboys And The iMedia REVEALED

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The ALL NEW, completely updated and edited (most recent update: March 14, 2018), “Apple, The Forbidden Truthbook series Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and soon Vol. 3 will reveal THE SHOCKING REALITY Apple fanboys and the iMedia (the part of the media which is pro-Apple biased) have been HIDING from us.



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**WARNING:** You may hate Apple products, iFanboys and some of the tech media after reading this book.
“Apple, The Forbidden Truth” (series) will reveal THE SHOCKING REALITY Apple fanboys and most of the media have been HIDING from us for years.



Truth and lies colorful arrows -

We’ve been lied to… A LOT

if, like me, you’re quite knowledgeable about tech, I guarantee you’re still going to be STUNNED by all you’re about to discover.


You’ll learn the undeniable TRUTH: Apple’s premium image and tremendous success are almost exclusively due to the MYTHS, Baseless CLAIMS and LIES iFanboys and the iMedia constantly spread.
Yes, almost everything we’ve been told and, thus, believe about Apple products, OSes and services is FALSE!


“Apple, The Forbidden Truth” Vol. 1, 2 and 3 will expose it ALL and provide all the PROOF and evidence you need to convince you and everyone else (beside iFanboys) of this inescapable fact.

Why? Because even though you may already believe that Apple products are somewhat overhyped and overpriced, you sure don’t know to what extent.


In the FIRST INSTALLMENT of the series, We’ll:


  • Learn the true story of the Graphic User Interface and the mouse. How Steve Jobs and Apple got most of their inspiration for the Macintosh from two visits at the Xerox PARC and how it wasn’t the success the legend makes it out to be.
  • List almost ALL innovations attributed to Apple (like multitouch, pinch-to-zoom, slide-to-unlock, TouchID, Force Touch, FaceID etc…)
    Apple, The Forbidden Truth - Vol. 1 -- I Hate Apple

    Apple, The Forbidden Truth – Vol. 1 Available NOW On Amazon

    and prove that it didn’t, in fact, invent these techs (or equivalent). Even the iOS, iPad and iPhone names were either “borrowed” or licensed from other companies!


  • Prove that Apple gets “inspired” by the competition… A LOT. And despite launching products, services or features after everyone else, it doesn’t “do it right” or any better most of the time, on the contrary.


  • See just how much of hypocrites iFans really are and thoroughly analyze the tactics they, as well as the iMedia, use to try and fool us.


  • Discover how un-polished, limited and mediocre Apple products and services can truly be…



In the SECOND VOLUME of the series, we’ll:


  • Dissect more iFans (and Media) tactics: those used to hide the fact that Apple products lack features, have inferior specs, lower battery life, are slower than Android fl
    Apple, The Forbidden Truth - Vol. 2 - I Hate Apple

    Apple, The Forbidden Truth – Vol. 2 Available NOW On Amazon

    agships etc…


  • Realize Apple fanboys BELIEVE IN MAGIC and explain how and why.


  • See how they refuse to admit when Apple makes stingy decisions or how they accept and defend choices that are clearly AGAINST their own interest as users.


  • Dive in an in-depth analysis of Apple’s “legendary” integration of hardware and software (+ iOS optimization) and PROVE that it just isn’t real. it doesn’t confer Apple ANY kind of superiority. On the contrary.


In fact we’ll:


Yes, not only does it launch mediocre and messy services like iTunes, Maps, iCloud etc… but iOS and macOS are PLAGUED with bugs. The apps running on iOS have ALWAYS crashed more often than those on Android. And iPhones have an APPALLINGLY high failure rate.

These are FACTS you don’t often read in the media or hear from iFans now, do you?


Here, I must insist on the fact that ALL these points will be analyzed in-depth and PROVEN right. I’ll provide a mountain of solid evidence based A guy seen from the back doing research trying figure out - Apple The Forbidden Truth - ihateapplefanboys.comon YEARS (not kidding) OF RESEARCH, plus HUNDREDS (not kidding either) of sources to back everything up (these articles represent dozens of hours of additional reading, by the way).


I don’t even hate Apple or its products. What I hate, though, is INJUSTICE. The injustice we can feel about Apple undeserved, for all the reasons I give, success.

I also ‘hate’ Apple fanboys (I am really annoyed by AFs) and the pro-Apple biased media (iMedia). But because they’re the ones abundantly contributing to this injustice by disseminating false claims and creating Myths.


AFs are the worst: arrogant, sometimes crazy, stupid or even plain liars. They justify and excuse just about everything wrong Apple does and praise to no end its products and services. So, we’ll analyze them too:

Who are they? How do they think? What do they want? What are their and the media’s hidden motives? What tricks do they use?



You’ll really learn a lot with these books.

More? We’ll also discuss some marketing, economics, psychology, internet security and tech history. Even if you don’t agree with the stance of this work, the knowledge you’ll acquire thanks to it is worth it.


You’ll even find some hilarious iFans’ quotes as well as memes and videos mocking them or Apple and its products.


Thank you for taking the time to read this long presentation. Though, if you did, that’s a good sign, right?

So… enjoy the books. 😉



Noah Pelfan