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Apple Battery Gate And Why I Hate Apple Fanboys, The iMedia And iExperts

With this Battery Gate I’m reminded how much I “hate” Apple fanboys, the iMedia, biased experts and corporate shills.

This #batterygate (Twitter) or Throttle Gate (link to my long and quite detailed article explaining it) is the perfect example of why I hate Apple fanboys and how their behavior can be infuriating. Everything about them could be fake. All this misinfo, manipulation attempts, those lies… It makes me sick. How not to hate this?


Fake News? Apple doesn’t slow down iPhones… Ever.


All those Apple centric or pro-Apple biased websites that were saying only a couple of months ago that people were stupid (“dumb” – iMore… Strangely, or not, this article and title have changed.) for believing Apple was slowing down (Mac Rumors) phones (Cult Of Mac). Fake news - truth and lieThat it was “all in your mind(CNet). Apple would NEVER do that. Go on and put your tinfoil hat etc… and that a study debunked it (Apple Insider)… now defend the idea that not only Apple does it, but it’s a great FEATURE.

They almost wish it had implemented it sooner. What kind of idiots want working batteries and their iPhone cpu to run at the power level and speed they’re supposed to be capable of, right? /s

So, it may have been fake news, but this is real hypocrisy.


Fake study? Proof Apple doesn’t slow down iPhones.


The study in question was made by Futuremark. So, was it a lie or are they just incompetent at their job? But the fact is they were either unable to find out, unwilling to report or made a fake study to hide that Apple was ACTUALLY slowing a good number of iPhones down since the iOS 10.2.1 update. How did they not catch that? Are they iExperts? That could explain it.

Anyway, now the iMedia and Apple fanboys (+ shills or iExperts) are saying that everyone should have known about this for a long time. That there’s no #batterygate since Apple did disclose it.

Because there’s this sentence in the iOS 10.2.1 release note:

“It also improves power management during peak workloads to avoid unexpected shutdowns on iPhone.”

But this was never taken to mean: “We will slow your cpu/phone down”… in certain cases… “to a crawl” (by more than 50% of the true cpu power!).

As shown above, no blog or even expert was aware of this or wrote a paper on the slowing down of iPhones by Apple, on the contrary.

You know what? Not even geniuses and Apple Store managers were made aware of this.

But hey, now everyone should have known about this.

What a load of crap.


Fake Experts? Well, Apple does slow down iPhones but it’s a good thing!


Worse, it’s a welcomed “feature” implemented by Apple. Shills or fanboys pretending to be engineers even go to the extreme to say that now, iOS power management works properly thanks to this iOS 10.2.1 “fix”. Throttle Gate - Lithium ion battery drawing

KalenXI 25 points (25 points for this… Just LOL) on Reddit:

“From an engineering perspective Apple’s power management code was actually not functioning properly prior to that update”

Utter BS.

And he continues saying:

“And because the CPU should never have been allowed to draw enough current for the phone to suddenly reboot when the battery couldn’t meet the current draw requirements.”

What kind of logic is that?

The fact is that (bad quality or cheap or defective) BATTERIES which couldn’t supply enough power without risking shutting down or damaging iPhones should never have been allowed to be put (or to stay) in iPHONES (not any phone, not every phone on the market).

THAT is the real problem, here. THAT is what Apple and all the iMedia, shills and Apple fanboys are trying to hide.

And no matter what a “scientist” iExpert (he may well be a real scientist… and we all know that scientists never lie, right? Right?) says on Reddit, it’s just not true that lithium-ion battery powered devices routinely experience random shutdowns when their battery didn’t even reach a 20% loss of capacity. It’s just FALSE.

Actually, they still can be used well beyond that percentage of degradation and still not shut down randomly. Shutdowns are signs of defective batteries. They are not a normal consequence of battery wear… At least not before or about 500 cycles. It’s way too soon.


Fake “Reality”? ALL lithium-ion battery devices randomly shut down, right?


Do these products ALL randomly shut down after a year or two, now??





Digital cameras,

Solar panels…

Even pacemakers etc.. (the list goes on and on)

I mean you have your own experience to prove it. When was the last time you had a device with a li-ion battery that was shutting down after just a year or two of use? When?

They try and make us believe it’s always happening, all the time… with all devices. According to them, it’s so common it’s just a normal expected behavior for all products running on li-ion batteries. So, we should thank Apple to slow down iPhones because it prevents this plague ravaging ALL our devices to affect iProducts… /s

They want us to live in their Reality Distortion Field, I guess. Repeat a lie enough times and people will believe it, right? NO. Or, yeah, but for weak-minded people.

I’m being sarcastic and cynical but this is beyond lying. This is creating a completely new and fake narrative and an attempt at modiying our perception of Reality itself… ALL this just to hide the fact that many iPhones have defective (not good enough) batteries!

Utterly insane. Now, do you understand why I “hate” Apple fanboys?

I’ll tell you another thing that isn’t fake and is real though…

This is REAL… Bullshit.

Bullshit - iHAteAppleFAnboys.com


And many users, most it seems, are buying/believing this?? Are we actually living a Black Mirror (imdb) episode?



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