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Apple’s Ugly iPhone X Notch Is A Stupid Solution To A Problem That Doesn’t Exist.

“Do you prefer a phone with a content blocking and ugly notch or a phone 3mm taller BUT with a full screen?” I hate the notch. This is the real question Apple fanboys and the pro-Apple biased media are trying to obfuscate by framing the argument in a misleading way. I know this blog post Continue reading


The Grand Trickery Of Apple Fanboys – An In-Depth Critique Of “The Grand Theory Of Apple” BS

If Apple’s trying to milk you to the bone, it’s because of a Grand Metaphysical Purpose. What? You didn’t know? Read this if you want to learn how and why…     — Edited and extended version — Polymatter – The Grand Theory Of Apple. I hate Apple fanboys – Do you hate Apple and Continue reading

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Apple Battery Gate And Why I Hate Apple Fanboys, The iMedia And iExperts

With this Battery Gate I’m reminded how much I “hate” Apple fanboys, the iMedia, biased experts and corporate shills. This #batterygate (Twitter) or Throttle Gate (link to my long and quite detailed article explaining it) is the perfect example of why I hate Apple fanboys and how their behavior can be infuriating. Everything about them Continue reading

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Welcome To iHateAppleFanboys.com

Welcome to iHate Apple Fanboys, the blog where you’ll learn the truth about Apple, its fanboys and the iMedia…   In here, you’ll find my book(s), of course, but not only. First and foremost, you’ll find a blog that can’t stand the injustice in the way Apple is undeservedly well treated by the (pro-Apple biased) Continue reading