HomePod Hype vs. Blind Test & Honest Reviews: Dumb Siri And… Subpar Sound Quality?

Apple has innovated again. It launched the HomePod, a me-too ‘not-so-smart’ speaker… with an inferior sound compared to the Sonos One Or Google Home Max. So, with Siri and subpar sound quality for its price, it really needed glowing reviews… It had them. Though not because it’s a better product than those already on the Continue reading

Throttle Gate: Apple is Slowing Down iPhones To Hide Defective Batteries? It’s A Feature.

 Apple is throttling iPhones to hide their defective batteries and prevent them from shutting down and calls it a feature. #ThrottleGate So…  Apple Fanboys & Pro-Apple Biased Media (iMedia), Please STOP Lying And Taking Us For Fools   This #Throttle Gate and the slowing down of iPhones is bad enough… don’t add insult to injury. Defective, Continue reading