Privacy Statement


This part is very simple and straightforward. This Blog Privacy Statement is comprosed of ONE sentence:

I will NEVER willingly share ANY information about you, period.

IF (for now, as you will order your book from Amazon, I don’t have access to your information at all… But even in the future, e.g. if you subscribe to a possible iHAF newsletter) I receive any info I receive from you like your name, email address etc… it will exclusively be used and kept by me only for promotional purposes. By “promotional purposes”, I mean to say that I will only use it to send you a potential newsletter I could create or to inform you on a product or other book I could promote for example.

In any case, your info will be strictly kept between you and me.


There’re not even ads on this blog (yet… Maybe there will be in the future… as one must eat… 😋 But I’m sincerely not sure yet). So, no Google or any ad company collecting info on you.

I’ll try to use affiliation to propose some products or books I like and you may enjoy too, sometimes, instead.

Those products could be mobile phones that I’m fairly confident they are good products (have been tested and reviewed thoroughly or that I own myself) at a very interesting price. I don’t know yet, really.

But I digress… LOL.

So, easy and very short privacy statement, maybe the shortest of all time, LOL.

Let me give it to you again, just to be crystal clear:

I will NEVER willingly share ANY information about you, period.

That’s it.