The Verge’s Airpods Pseudo-Review: When Too Much Is Just Too Much.

The Verge’s newest Apple’s Airpods “review” reads like an over the top infomercial written by a professional Apple fanboy copywriter.     Let me preface this critique of The Verge’s Apple’s AirPods pseudo-review (written by Vlad Savov) by saying I’m not a fan of Bluetooth headphones in general. Simply for the fact(s) that they need Continue reading

iPhone-X-does-not- give-you-more-screen-Mock up-Apple-Ugly-Notch-comparison-Stupid-Solution- I-Hate-Apple-Fanboys-com

Apple’s Ugly iPhone X Notch Is A Stupid Solution To A Problem That Doesn’t Exist.

“Do you prefer a phone with a content blocking and ugly notch or a phone 3mm taller BUT with a full screen?” I hate the notch. This is the real question Apple fanboys and the pro-Apple biased media are trying to obfuscate by framing the argument in a misleading way. I know this blog post Continue reading


The Grand Trickery Of Apple Fanboys – An In-Depth Critique Of “The Grand Theory Of Apple” BS

If Apple’s trying to milk you to the bone, it’s because of a Grand Metaphysical Purpose. What? You didn’t know? Read this if you want to learn how and why…     — Edited and extended version — Polymatter – The Grand Theory Of Apple. I hate Apple fanboys – Do you hate Apple and Continue reading