HomePod Hype vs. Blind Test & Honest Reviews: Dumb Siri And… Subpar Sound Quality?

Apple has innovated again. It launched the HomePod, a me-too ‘not-so-smart’ speaker… with an inferior sound compared to the Sonos One Or Google Home Max. So, with Siri and subpar sound quality for its price, it really needed glowing reviews… It had them. Though not because it’s a better product than those already on the Continue reading

iBoot code leaked security worst leak in Apple history - I Hate Apple Fanboys.com

Yet Another Huge Security Issue For Apple Users: The Biggest Security Leak In Apple’s History

Don’t believe Apple and its fanboys. iBoot source code being leaked (even partially) is a very big security risk.  And iOS 9.3 being 2 years old is irrelevant if almost all of the bootloader is still the same today. Which is likely to be the case. This is an article about Apple security, iOS security, Continue reading

iPhone battery charging throttle gate iPhoneSlow

iPhoneSlow, BatteryGate: Apple’s Response to US Senator just doesn’t add up!

Do iPhones 8 and X have updated hardware that could allow to avoid random shutdowns? What does that even mean? Will Apple Apple keep on slowing down iPhones? And More on this letter…   As part of the Senate investigation into the #iPhoneSlow/BatteryGate scandal, Senator John Thune (R-SD) asked Apple if it intended to release a Continue reading